Hi, I’m Josh Grove owner and operator of Protocaster Guitars, and the fella who’ll be taking care of your guitar!

I’ve always seen guitars as a really cool form of functional art, and got my start in building them by first making simple set up changes here and there, more changes led to greater confidence in tackling more and more technical tasks until eventually I decided to try building a kit guitar. This process showed me many of the neighborhoods that comprise building a guitar, including finishing in lacquer. At That point I knew a life long passion for this type of work was fully cemented.

My approach has always been a slow acquisition of skills through constant experimentation and study of vintage guitars. Once I began my partnership with Doug Myer at Mountain Cat Guitars in 2010, that study really blossomed.

It’s like a forensic analysis. Why does this old Les Paul have a wear mark here? How is the finish built up in layers on this Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster? Questions like this, an attempt to deconstruct the process, and relentless trial and error have given me the experience to offer you the most convincing recreation of the past I can. In look, finish texture, and overall feel I labor over details that will further bond you to your new guitar, whether it’s a custom Protocaster build or Makeover of an extant guitar.

How does it work? The first step is to contact my partner Doug Myer at Mountain Guitars. Doug is the perfect liaison to help guide you through the process, discuss options, and allow me to handle the workshop side of things. Together, we’ll help provide you with your next family heirloom.